More about me!

Shelly Amine
Graphic Designer | Illustrator

Computer Skills

• Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite such as inDesign, Photoshop, & Illustrator
• Proficient with Microsoft Office & Apple iWork
• Proficient using printing drivers for small & large scale printing on Epson, Xerox, Roland, & HP printers

Exhibitions & Showcases

• Honolulu Printmaker's 88th Annual Juried Exhibition
• CONTACT 2016 Foreign & Familiar
• UNDER PRESSURE: Collaborative Exchange Portfolio
• CONTACT 2016: Selections from Foreign & Familiar
• SYSTEMS BFA Portfolio Showcase
• ebb+flow: BFA Graphic Design Portfolio Showcase

Shelly Amine | Alternative Reality Currency
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Alternative Reality Currency

About This Project

The alternative reality currency project reimagines the Japanese Yen if it were inspired by the infamous literary piece of the Heian Period, The Tales of Genji and its writer, Lady Murasaki. The Heian Period spanned from 794-1185 BC and was a period most known for the rise and refinement of the visual and literary arts. Women were of great influence during the Heian, from creating the Japanese alphabet of hiragana and one of the most infamous pieces of literature in Japanese history.